Cannot create indexes in couchbase analytics

I am trying to create indexes on our couchbase analytics collections but it keep giving a syntax error even after following the documentation for creating indexes in analytics:-

CREATE index idx_alaminosbilldevbillingmasteraccount ON alaminos_billingmasteraccount(wogismodelid);

“code”: 24001,
“msg”: “Compilation error: cannot find type of field ‘wogismodelid’ (in line 1, at column 86)”,
“query_from_user”: “CREATE index idx_alaminosbilldevbillingmasteraccount ON alaminos_billingmasteraccount(wogismodelid);”

Can someone suggest?

Hi @tanmay,
You need to specify the type for the field “wogismodelid”.
See the detailed syntax for creating a secondary index in Analytics here Data Definition Language (DDL) | Couchbase Docs

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