couchbaseUI Tool (last update 2020-11-25: Fix non Mac usage)

I was hoping to make this bigger / better / faster / more, but… I’ve been unable to get back to this to the point that I’d like, but I’d like to introduce couchbaseUI, which is a relatively simple UI to perform some Couchbase operations. I’ve found it quite useful in my ability to maintain our Couchbase clusters… It’s based on the Java SDK.

Anyhow, there’s no warranty, but maybe you find it useful. There are some open issues flagged, and I’d certainly be open to taking PRs with improvements.

Take a look:

Thanks - Howie



Thank you for posting this. It looks very interesting, and I want to try it out! Would you explain the reason that you created this in the first place?

I frequently manage a lot of Couchbase clusters… This tool remembers clusters and settings to make access much easier than using the WebUI. No more passwords, behaviors that I don’t prefer, quicker access, etc… I made the tool for me, so… If you like it or want to tweak it, that’s why it’s open!

Just switched to Windows for my personal laptop and noticed that couchbaseUI did not function properly… I’ve fixed that issue with the latest code. It probably also fixes running on Linux.

Found an issue with add / update not writing JSON correctly. Fixed that and upgraded the underlying Couchbase client.