Couchbasecloud sync_gateway weird behaviour

Hi !

Scenario 1 (same config.json leads to different results):

I created a couchbasecloud sync_gateway named “restaurant” with the following config.json and the GUEST property checked:
“users”: {
“GUEST”:{“disabled”:false, “admin_channels”:["*"]}
“sync”:function(doc) {channel(doc.channels);}

When I type on a browser: I get prompted to a login page asking for login credentials (which is wrong since I’m telling it to allow Anonymous access).

Next, I create a new sync_gateway named “test_” with the same config.json and GUEST checked.
When I type on a browser: I get this JSON response instead:


Why I got different responses if I’m using exactly the same config.json in both cases?

Scenario 2 (After deleting both sync_gateways I still get responses):

I deleted both sync_gateways from my couchbasecloud dashboard.
When I type and/or I still get the same responses. I did this on different browsers (IE and Chrome) and I got the same results.
Any ideas?
Is there a “time window” on the couchbasecloud server that maintain sessions for some time after sync_gateways are created even after when you explicitly delete them or change settings?

Thanks in advance!


Would you mind asking questions on the mailing list? This forum is really awkwardly designed and it’s hard to follow things.

You can subscribe to the mailing list here:!forum/mobile-couchbase