CouchbaseBackupRestore in success but no data restored


I have a backup from a server 1 (generated with cbbackupmgr cbbackupmgr-7.1.1-3175-c0b230e), and want to restore it on server 2 (cbbackupmgr-7.1.3-3479-0a93674)

The job is successful:
2023-03-17T10:20:10.293+00:00 (Plan) Transfer of all data complete
2023-03-17T10:20:10.297+00:00 (Cmd) Restore completed successfully

But in this line ii feel like it’s missing something:
2023-03-17T10:20:10.266+00:00 (Plan) (Data) Successfully transferred key value data for bucket ‘tesseract-data’ | {“number”:11,“duration”:“188.344568ms”,“stats”:{“started_at”:1679048410255175387,“finished_at”:1679048410266438752,“complete”:true}}

For example I have this other restore (from a different initial server) that have some more info:
2023-03-14T09:33:31.666+00:00 (Plan) (Data) Successfully transferred key value data for bucket ‘tesseract-data’ | {“number”:28,“duration”:“40.750287979s”,“stats”:{“total_items”:2259,“total_vbuckets”:1024,“vbuckets_complete”:1024,“bytes_received”:480623,“snapshot_markers_received”:916,“failover_logs_received”:1024,“mutations_received”:884,“deletions_received”:1375,“started_at”:1678786371147999976,“finished_at”:1678786411666776108,“complete”:true}}

In seems to be related to vbuckets not used.
Is it the format of my archive directory that doesn’t match required structure?

Thank you for your help, I’m quite lost here…

@MathieuDreano many apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. Just to confirm - did the first job actually reload the data?