Couchbase XDCR Replication issue


I am new to couchbase and settings it up for one of the application that needs to be accessing across the globe.

Current Setup:

Two couchbase servers in one cluster which are located internally in our network and one is exposed to internet with public IP with proper DNS name.

2 cloud couchbase instances which are hosted by AWS and google cloud and both are having public IPs with DNS name.

I have setup XDCR replication from cloud to our internet exposed node (Node1) and exposed node (Node1 to cloud but somehow Cloud nodes finds out internal non exposed couchbase server (Node2) and it tried to replicate with it and fails and then entire replication stops and not getting any updates.

If i remove Node2 from cluster and i do not have any issue with replication as every node as public IP with DNS Name.

I would like to have more than 2 nodes internally and expose only one node to external and that node replicates data with cloud nodes and then internal nodes replicate with internet exposed internal node.

Please see the network diagram of my setup and help me to figure out the issue.

I could not upload image so uploaded to a external website.


Hi, you need to use public IPs with DNS name everywhere.

Hi, This means each coucebase node need to have public IP instead of couchbase cluster.

So if 20 couchbase nodes in two clusters then 20 nodes need to expose to internet with public IP.