Couchbase with Elastic Search and MVC

installed Couchbase in my local machine windows 10 ,unable to install elasticsearch-transport-couchbase.worried about how to intergrate both Elasticsearch couchbase and frontend as asp.netmvc
.i need to show data from couchbase to visual studio using elasticsearch as a mediator

Need to implement this with visual studio mvc.Data from couchbase should be displayed from couchbase ->elasticsearch->visualstudio mvc

Hi @kapilkumar1218,

I’m unclear on what you are asking for. Are you trying to use ElasticSearch to do full text searches on Couchbase? Or are you using ElasticSearch to do other kinds of searches? And I’m not sure how Visual Studio fits into this picture. Do you have a code sample that you could share?

Thanks for precious response.i am trying to use Elastic-Search to do full indexeing on Couch base.i dont have code sample to share. i am new this technology.i was unable to install Installed transport-couchbase in my system.(

we are using visual studio just to show UI data from couhbase


The blog post you are referencing is years old, so some things may have changed.

If you are interested in full-text search capabilities, Couchbase Server 4.5 has added full text as a built-in feature.

Here is a blog post to introduce you to Couchbase’s FTS:

And here is a blog post I wrote about using FTS in .NET: (and a video:

Thanks @mattew.groves.

Kapil - I don’t know what issue you’re having with Elasticsearch plugin for Couchbase when you say you were unable to install. Here are some blanket recommendations that might help you.

  1. You need the right combination of Elasticsearch, Couchbase Server, and the Elasticsearch Transport Plugin. I recommend you consult the version compatibility chart carefully to make sure you have all the right versions.
  1. Consult the troubleshooting docs

  2. Finally, when you configure XDCR to your Elasticsearch cluster, make sure you pick XDCR v1 from the dropdown (also known as CAPI-based XDCR).

Hope that helps. If you still have trouble, please post a description of what you’re observing when you try to install.


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I have one question related to Testing Perspective

How to Automate Couch base with UFT?

Suggestions Please…

Hi Kapil,

Did you get any solution to connect to Couchbase using UFT? I have to start automation for my project that involves couchbase database. I’ve no idea how and where to start. Please guide me. Thanks and really appreciate your help.