How to index full json documents from Couchbase to ElasticSearch

I’m using Couchbase to replicate documents to elasticsearch. Now I need to do full search queries in elasticsearch and be able to visualize fields (which i guess not possible with the id & rev fields). As the queries will be done against ElasticSearch and not Couchbase, i need to replcate the documents as json documents. is this possible? How can i do it?

Thanks in advance.


To get started with Couchbase Server and Elasticsearch, check-out: (For the Couchbase - elasticsearch connector)

and (For a sample app to learn how you can use the connector)


Could you please provide a sample mapping document that will replicate all data within elastic search. I went through all the documentation that is currently provided by couchbase and haven’t found anything that explains how the mapping document works. That would be super helpful.