Couchbase view index storage

Hi All,
Can you clarify the below please?

  1. Where do the view indexes are stored?Is it on data service or index service?
    2.Where do primary indexes are stored?Is it on data service or index service?
    3.If we do not use secondary indexes can we use only the data service avoiding index and query service if n1ql is not used?

Please clarify the above.


primary and secondary indexes are stored on index service. If you don’t want to use N1QL index and query service are not required. You can only pick and choose services in EE version. In CE every node must have all services.

Does that mean if we create views with indexes do we need to have index service and query service enabled?or only index service enabled?Or simply data service is enough when view indexing is used?

Is it mandatory to define a primary index for any document ?If so data service should use it for document storage by default?

Please clarify

Primary indexes for N1QL only.

I am not expert on views. If you are working on views only data service is enough. You non need Index and query service.

Thanks for the reply vsr1.

Hi Vsr1,

Can we setup EE in development environments freely to test our apps?I mean set up a full EE cluster in development environments?


@iisuru, you can use EE for development as described on the licensing page:

3. Do I need to purchase an Enterprise Edition subscription for development, QA, and preproduction test?

Customers can use Enterprise Edition free-of-charge for unlimited pre-production development and testing with forum support. For customers who want full technical support during development, QA, and/or pre-production testing, an Enterprise Edition subscription is required. Once an application or workload is deployed into production, all Development & Testing nodes must be licensed at the same support level. Production nodes can be on a different level of support than Development & Testing nodes.

This means I can deploy any number of couchbase service nodes with EE edition in development environments right?.As per my explorations CE does not support eventing and EE is mandatory if eventing is used.

Just confirm that there is no restriction on the number of nodes of EE edition services in development environments .


Here is the web page I took that from:

It says, “unlimited pre-production development and testing”. I would think that means any number of nodes, but I’m an engineer, not a lawyer. :smile:

@ingenthr - can you give an authoritative answer, or point us to some one who can?


Thanks .It’s loud and clear now :slight_smile: