Couchbase unattended install/removal on Windows

I would like to suppress the launch of the console in an unattended installation on Windows. How can I do that ? Is there a property to send to the the underlying msi engine?

I also would like to programmatically perform an unattended removal of couchbase. Is there a command line argument to the exe installer ?

Thanks in advance.

As I recall, the setup.exe does take the normal /? command line parameter to give it’s install and uninstall details.

Unfortunately there is no uninstall options:
Command line parameters:
/L language ID
/S Hide initialization dialog. For sile mode use: /S /v/qn
/V parameters to msiexec.exe

May be the trick is to use /V to pass “REMOVE=ALL”. I’ll try that.

The command line:
couchbase-server-community_3.0.1-windows_amd64.exe /V “/uninstall” is working.
I’ll try the silent options now.

The correct way to do it is to record the uninstall steps exactly as it is described for installation.