Couchbase single operator to monitor multiple namespaces

Hi , Is there any way to use single operator for a k8s cluster to monitor multiple couchbase cluster installed in different namespaces ?

In my use cause , we are planing to install a common operator for all the services so then the development team only needs to create there own clusters for SQL , Kafka , postgress etc… . So when I check for couchbase , it is not possible. The dev team needs to install operator and cluster in the same namespace. But we are restricted the development team access in the k8s cluster. So they can’t do the operator and admission controller deployment. So please help to find a way to use a single operator for entire cluster to monitor multiple cocunbase cluster in different namespaces.

Hi @renjith_tr,

As mentioned in our documentation, the recommended deployment method for the Operator is a single instance per-namespace. Operator per-namespace allows staged upgrades of the Operator, only affecting a subset of Couchbase clusters at any one time.

Users may deploy the Operator at the cluster scope, where a single Operator controls all Couchbase clusters on the platform. While requiring less operational overhead and the Operator’s upgrade will affect all Couchbase clusters running on the platform, use this deployment method with caution. Operator resources section describes Roles and RoleBindings which needs to be replaced with ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings respectively for Operator at cluster scope.

Your use case sounds interesting; it could further get simplified with our newly introduced Couchbase Service Broker. Reach me out if you’re interested in having a quick chat -