Couchbase Autunomous Operator - Namespace support?

I have a specific requirement where my couchbase autonomous operator is installed in one k8s namespace, and create multiple clusters in different k8s namespaces.
After going through docs and forums, I found currently - “The operator and the cluster have to be run within the same namespace.” (Namespace support?)
So is there any plan to provide this in future releases of couchbase autonomous operator?
Or is there any way to edit couchbase autonomous operator yaml file or any cluster roles and get that functionality ?
Thanks in advance.

Syed Zaheer Basha

Hi Syed,
Thanks for trying out the operator. Currently, there isn’t a way to configure the operator to manage clusters across namespaces, but we are considering it for an upcoming release.

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Hi @syedzaheerbasha Syed,

Just to clarify running Operator and Couchbase cluster in same namespace is not a limitation its by design in Kubernetes. There has been some discussion in the Kubernetes community to allow Operators to manage deployments across namespaces, but it’s not yet fully implemented and available in Kubernetes yet.

We can provide some guidelines for you deployment contact me directly -


Anil Kumar

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Thank you tommie for the reply .