Couchbase server when update or delete documents device not update them

I’m using Couchbase Lite 2.0 for ios, the first time i pull everithing works fine i have all documents, but when a document is modified on server side or deleted even after a pull i never get this changes, why ? how can i resolve this please ?

@doliprane, did you enable ‘import_docs’ and ‘enable_shared_access’ on sg config?
‘“import_docs”: “continuous”,’
“enable_shared_bucket_access”: true,
If yes, Can you make sure your replicator is continuous and not stopped? If it is one shot replication or if replicator is stopped before you update docs , you won’t get updated docs to CBL.

Thanks you for your response where find this sg config?

You talk about gate way file config ? i just add them i will test again

yes, it is gate way file config.

Cool thank’s you i see on the terminal that gateway do synchro when i modify data on server side