Couchbase server versioning

HI I am trying to upgrade from 5.1.0 to 6.0.1 and i wanted to understand the versioning and where can i find the details of different versions avaialble, for ex, we were using 5.1.0-5552 and now i am thinking to upgrade to 6.0.1-XXXX so what is “XXXX” here and where can i get the details of that.
as i am using couchbase-server-enterprise-6.0.1-centos6.x86_64.rpm,
Please advise

i got the details, Enterprise Edition 6.0.1 build 2037 but how does it work, is 2037 a patch fix ?

XXXX is sequence number each time new build made. 6.0.1-2037 is official 6.0.1 build.

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