Couchbase Server Vector type Mapping

Hi. I am an engineer who is learning couchbase from couchbase doc.
when I trying to ‘Create a Vector Search Index with the Server Web Console’ in ‘Use Vector Search for AI Applications’, I got some problem. Everything is same as doccument but when I click [Create Index] ‘vector typed fields not supported in mixed version cluster’ is occured. help

A “mixed version cluster” is a cluster where some nodes are at one version - say 7.6.1 - and other nodes are at another version - say 7.2.4. Upgrade all ypur nodes to at least 7.6.0, preferably 7.6.1, and it should work.

Thanks for reply But I just use one cluster and one node

What Version of Couchbase server are you running & which platform?

I trying community 7.6.1 and enterprise 7.6.1 both, and centos7 and window
10 also, every try fail

Unfortunately, you hit a bit of a roadblock with those combinations.

  • Vector Search is only supported in Couchbase 7.6 or higher.
  • Support for CentOS 7 has been dropped in Couchbase 7.6
  • Additionally, Vector Search is supported only on Linux builds. This will change with the next release.
  • Finally, Vector Search is an enterprise-only or Capella feature now.

So could you please try the Enterprise 7.6.1 edition on a different Linux system? Or alternatively, use Couchbase Capella or Docker.

Thanks for your advise! I solve my problem, my Os was wrong, I can use vector index on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 Enterprise Version!

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