Couchbase with ElasticSearch (latest version)

Hey guys i want to work with ElasticSearch. there is a link under Couchbase server 4.1


that mentions Elasticsearch plug-in 2.1 but in another article i saw the proper version for Elastic 2.1 is 3.x, 2.5.x and 4.1 is not mentioned there.


Can i work with CB 4.1 Elasticsearch 2.1?

My another question is,i’m working with Centos 7 should i download RedHat 7 ?

btw i will be using Node.js SDK

Thank you

On the Elasticsearch Plugin question, please consult the version compatibility matrix on Github for the Elasticsearch Transport Plugin:

What’s causing the confusion here is the various versions of the documentation. I filed a ticket to fix that.

Let me know if you have any further problems with that.

I don’t understand your question about Centos 7 versus RedHat 7. They’re both supported platforms for Couchbase Server 4.1. so either one should be fine.

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