Couchbase server v3 rebalance keeps failing

Couchbase server community edition v3.0.1 keeps failing on rebalance operation. Any way this can be fixed? It fails every time no mater how many times I have tried. Have already tried rebooting all nodes.

Not a lot of data there, but we had similar issues with Couchbase 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 (when rebalancing during a 2.5.2 upgrade). Since you’re using Community, perhaps going right to 4.0 might work, although I’m not sure if a 2-version upgrade is something that would work.

Something else you could check is to ensure that all the vbuckets in each of your buckets is populated. If you have a small data set, this can cause other issues in back versions of Couchbase.

Thanks for the reply. I got some 150mn+ docs in the cluster. Somehow the error on one bucket got resolved after some time and now it affects another bucket. Waiting to see if this gets resolved after some time like it did for the previous bucket.

Could not resolve the issue so, finally had to create another cluster and move the data via XDCR.