Couchbase server poor performance

I am trying to use Couchbase as a Session store for ASP.NET.

I have used the sample ASP.NET MVC project from github to perform a load test. My load test consists of performing a login POST, and then loading the homepage using the session. I have found that Couchbase Session State provider performs 4x slower than SQL Server Session Provider.

When I use a 2 node Couchbase Cluster, with 4 vCPU, 8GB RAM each, a memcached bucket, I am able to generate only about 80 TPS. SQL Server gives me over 200 TPS!
Then I used a single node to see if multi-node replication is bringing it down or not. I got a mere 57 TPS. I can see from the couchbase dashboard, it is doing 531 ops/sec. So, almost 10x the ops compared to the ASP.NET page hit.


SQL Server performance

Which version of the SDK are you using? could you point me at the repo. This is not something we test as part of the products offering or support so it is a community project that is maintained by the community. It may need to be updated and tweaked to work well.

This is the session provider:

we just posted an update. Could you retry with beta3: