Couchbase Server 6 ops / sec over fast network vs 1500 ops / sec when using locally

Hi All,

I’m having problem with my couchbase server setup. This is how it looks:

  1. The server [3.0.1 Community Edition] is running on Windows 2012 Virtual Machine on Azure (3.5 GB RAM & 2 Cores)
  2. The web app (ASP.NET & C# Couchbase SDK) is hosted on Azure as well
  3. The web app and Couchbase server are connected via VPN (for security purpose)

The app performance is really slow - page loads take 5-6 seconds, etc. And when I test ops / per second using simple loop with single document fetch directly from the bucket I get like 5-6 ops / sec.
When I launch the same test console app on the server , I got 1500 ops / sec result. So the difference is huge and i have no idea where to look.

If you need more details on my setup I’ll gladly share them.


I suspect you are using synchronous operations, with a potentially slow network in between. Here’s a few things to look at:

  • What’s the ping time between the application server and the Couchbase cluster? If I had to make a guess I’d assume your network round-trip is something like 150ms (1.0s/6 = 166ms).

  • How long does the Couchbase SDK believe the operations are taking - you should be able to enable logging in the application to see this.

Yes, managed to track it down to slow network but additionally we were using stale=false parameter for the queries, so that added up on poor performance.
Manage to sort it out - thanks!