Couchbase Server Deployment on Local PC (Fixed/Real IP based PC)

Hi Couchbase Team,
I am very much glad and honored that this kind of knowledge couchbase team is sharing with the
open-source community. I am new to this family & I am facing a lot of challenge implementing my project with Couchbase. After working day and night (2 days actually) with couchbase I have understood various topics. I think this is just beginning. I will ask on regular basis form now on :stuck_out_tongue: .

Lets come to the point. I have done a simple application with help of Todo app, I want to test it. Now I have already installed Couchbase Sync Gateway (couchbase-sync-gateway-enterprise_1.4.1-3_x86_64) &
Couchbase Server (couchbase-server-enterprise_4.6.2-windows_amd64) on my local machine. Now if I have a fixed IP address on my PC can I deploy it and can access it from Real mobile device. I didn’t find any instruction about this kind of situation. How can I do that?

Moreover my OS is Windows 10 also I have Debian (Linux). So I want to go production level with the help of full open source power and don’t want to use paid cloud (:stuck_out_tongue: ) at least now. I will accept if there is any cloud who wants to give me that support free (~impossible) but I need to know how to deploy it own PC.

PS: The PC that I am talking about have Fixed IP so I can connect it anywhere. If possible please share for all environment.

Ok after trying I realized nothing to change & worry about it. Because if you have Fixed/ Global /Real Ip on your machine then just give you Android/ IOs app that Url (sync server url) & Make sure your port is accessible. Then you can use you app globally. Hurrah.

Easy Life with Couchbase.