Setting up a couchbase server

I was wondering where I could get definitive instructions on setting up a couchbase server and sync gateway. I previously followed these instructions but have since learned (on this forum) that there are other instructions here (which I’ve not followed yet).

Currently, my server’s CPU goes through the roof every 7 days, regular as clock work. After a reboot the load goes back to normal for another 7 days. All this despite the fact my app isn’t live yet and there’s close to zero load on it.

So, my question is - are there definitive instructions for configuring a Ubuntu 14 server to run couchbase server 4.5 and a sync gateway 1.3?

And, are there any OS specific instructions for setting up couchbase server 4.5 on Ubuntu 14?

Anyone know of some docs that can help me?

Just curious… Is this for experiment/dev or hardened production deployment?

I want it to go into production. It won’t have much load - but at the moment my dev server needs rebooting every week, regular as clockwork, I can can’t have that in production.

Anyone!? Here’s a chart of my little server. You can see every 7 days it goes crazy and I have to bounce it.

On top of this, it seems that I can’t simply bounce the process… unless i’m running the wrong commands. What are the commands for Ubuntu - I can see anything here but I assume its sudo service couchbase-server stop, which for me simply doesn’t work. The process will not stop.

I have to reboot the server to get things working.