Couchbase Server 6.5 is dropping my internet speed

Hi , I know this is strange but this is true. My internet speed is 5 Mbps . I am running couchbase server 6.5 on my windows 10 machine. When i start couchbase server internet speed drops to kbps but when i stop couchbase it get back to 5 MB. This issue is only coming in only one of my cluster other clusters are fine.I am doing XDCR but to verify this i deleted the replication process and got my speed back 5 mb… Any idea why this XDCR dropping internet speed?


I can’t think of any normal reason why this might be the case.

Just off the top of my head, if you are using XDCR to sync with a non-local cluster, that could result in increased internet traffic. Whatever provider you’re using (or maybe you’re on a corporate network) could be monitoring this, consider it suspicious (for unknown reasons) and automatically throttle your connection speed. But this seems like an unlikely scenario to me.

yes i am using XDCR and i have corporate Network when i stop XDCR internet works well and come to its normal speed and yes its not on local cluster. We have VPN and have multiple store in different cities but each store is connected with a central network. I am trying to sync the data of all clusters to my main cluster having same buckets.All the clusters are connected togethor and syncing well but i dont know why the internet speed is going down on the remote cluster on my local its working fine . What do you suggest me to do Thanks ?

Maybe contact your network administration team and ask if they’ve put anything in place that might be causing your connection to be slowed downed/throttled?