Couchbase Rebalance failed because of index service


Rebalance exited with reason {service_rebalance_failed,index,

This happens when new node was added to cluster and first rebalance gets failed. On checking index service port(9105) was not opened in the new node.

port 9105 was established but not listening for around 30 mins, after that time port was in listening stage and able to rebalance.
Any resolution/quick action for this issue? Any way to enable this port?

@karthik_nathan was the port blocked at firewall? Port 9105 is used for communication between projector component sitting on kv nodes and indexer. It starts listening when first index is being added to indexer node so it wont be listening as soon as new indexer starts. Can you upload the logs so that we can take a look at what happened in this case.