Couchbase queries stop working after adding a 2nd node to the cluster

I have a 1 node cluster that runs my queries fine (through the couchbase console and through my application). I was able to pretty easily add a 2nd node to the cluster (with all the services except FTS) and now I can’t run queries through my application. My login query takes 35ms in the couchbase console but that same query now causes a “An unknown N1QL error occured. This is usually related to an out-of-memory condition” every single time.

Looking at the logs on the couchbase console it doesn’t look like the RAM or CPU usage is doing anything crazy so I am really confused by this.

Any thoughts?

Is the same issue in couchbase console. Try restart the application or cluster. or kill cbq-engine which will be started automatically

No, the queries run very quickly in the couchbase console (~35ms). The exact query returns an “out of error” memory though through the application though (only when there’s 2 nodes in the cluster, 1 works fine).

Application using what type of SDK? Restart the application may help If the queries are working on console.

I am using Node.js and couchbase community version 4.5.1 I thought it may be a RAM issue but I gave each node plenty of RAM and it only fails when there’s 2 nodes, 1 works perfectly. Thoughts?

Try simple statement by connecting to each query node on 8093 port Using Query workbench or cbq shell or REST API

Oh wow, port 8093 was not open on my 2nd node so I went and opened it up and now it works. Thank you!