Couchbase pipeling operation with PHP

I am looking for pipelining operation to insert large amount of data to couchbase, but i still not found it. Some one give a refrecence about it, pls.
I need write my app with PHP, NOT any others language. :frowning:
Thank you verymuch.

Hey ita1102,

Due to PHP being a synchronous language, there is not currently any way to perform multiple operations simultaneously. If you are looking to perform many inserts at once however, you can however pass an array of key->value’s to insert/upsert or replace. I’ve put an example below:

$b = $cluster->openBucket(...);
  'key1' => array('value'=>'value1'),
  'key2' => array('value'=>'value2')

Cheers, Brett

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Thank you, I’ll try it. :slight_smile: