PHP Couchbase connection management

Howdy y’all !

I’ve been working with Couchbase in Java for years now, but I have to write some php-based scripts using CB.

My questions is about connection management in PHP SDK:

Does the sdk handles some connection caching or sharing between php instances ? (I mean if a PHP script is running 150 times at a given time, does the SDK creates 150 connections to the cluster ?)

What are the good practices for performance improvements ? Also, I don’t find any way of caching the cluster config, is there any ?

Thank you in advance guys :smile:

You can use for example which will reuse php-fpm processes for handling multiple requests. From my understanding the Couchbase PHP extension will create a connection underneath the process and the connection will persist till the php-fpm process will be running.

Sorry for delay.

In fact, I’m using fpm, but I can’t find any config setting for the sdk about connection management or anything related, It’s why i’m looking for informations and if it does caches the connections :slight_smile: