Couchbase operator storage resource

Hi, I see in your doc that we can use storage size in resources
cpu: 4
memory: 8Gi
storage: 100Gi
cpu: 2
memory: 8Gi
storage: 50Gi

but operator failing on storage type:

level=error msg=“Cluster setup failed: fail to create member’s pod (couchbase-service-5-0000): Pod “couchbase-service-5-0000” is invalid: [spec.containers[0].resources.limits[storage]: Invalid value: “storage”: must be a standard resource for containers, spec.containers[0].resources.requests[storage]: Invalid value: “storage”: must be a standard resource for containers]” cluster-name=couchbase-service-5 module=cluster

You are trying to set storage parameters on the pod configuration. As this is a pod and not a persistent volume claim it will fail. Storage parameters can be specified on the persistent volume claim template attributes.

You are right, and i also know it,but i took this example from couchbase official example

That’s more of an “everything there is” than an example. But thanks, I shall update to make it less misleading :smiley:

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