Couchbase on Solaris

Are there any plans for Server and Sync Gateway versions for Solaris OS? Thank you!


Today this is not something that we have on our roadmap; mainly because we almost never had this request. As you know certifying a new OS is quite expensive for a software editor.

Do you plan to work with a Community Edition or Enterprise Edition (support)

Also this is not because Couchbase company does not provide a Solaris package that you cannot build it yourself from sources. You can find some information here: (linux but you can extend that to Solaris)

In addition the SyncGateway is based on Go Language ( ) as far as I know Go language is not yet supported/available on Solaris

Anyway can you a cluster on Linux? this will be the easiest way :slight_smile:


I’ve written a few blog posts earlier about how to build and run Couchbase on SmartOS: and is the most recent ones. By using those as a base you should be able to get it running on Solaris as well (SmartOS is based on what used to be OpenSolaris).

Hey Trond,
don’t you have a update for latest Couchbase? I’m trying to build it on smartos, failing on error message from gmake
CMake Error at tlm/cmake/Modules/CBDownloadDeps.cmake:32 (MESSAGE):
Error downloading
“HTTP response code said error”


Sorry, it seems like we haven’t uploaded the prebuilt dependencies… Unfortunately I’ve upgraded my home network and the wireless range extender I’m using to connect my SmartOS server to the internet doesn’t play along with my new router…

I can’t promise when I’ll be able to rebuild the dependencies :S, but if you should be able to build them by running cmake in tlm/deps/packages and copy the resulting files into ~/.cbdepscache