Couchbase on openshift, expose query service on port 8093

After the couchbase cluster is up running on openshift, we found no instruction on the couchbase operator document to expose the query service on port 8093. this is how our outisde dashboard query the couchbase.

I did not see a query service created as the ui service. How we suppose to run the query from outside.


You do not connect to and access the query service directly, only using an official Couchbase SDK is supported. For further details on how to configure and use the service pick the correct networking option for your environment and follow the linked configuration guides Couchbase Networking | Couchbase Docs.

When running docker container or VMs, you could choose to expose the query service port 8093. Why using openshift, the 8093 port could not be exposed. If we could not use the 8093 port, that means the current data feed way has to be completely changed. Is there a reason that in k8 environment, 8093 port could not be used. if 8091 could be used for admin rest command, did not see why 8093 port is not even listed. Thanks.