N1ql query in Kubernetes Cluster

Hi CB Team

We have 5 node Couchbase cluster up and running in Kubenetes platform with ‘kubectl get service’ . I can see 5 nodes with bunch of IP address for inside and outside POD access with 5 different NodePorts .

A sample example is like below for first POD or Cluster node –
NodePort 8091:32036/TCP,18091:32297/TCP,8092:31148/TCP,18092:32040/TCP,11210:31956/TCP,11207:30734/TCP 27d

Can you please help understands how the Couchbase connection for Python SDK will looks like for N1QL Query ? Currently I can use below to get the Python SDK to query on bucket which works fine but with N1QL query it doesn’t work and throws below error: I guess my 8093 query service port is not open for N1QL . But the image we spun in K8s is what provided in Couchbase official image for K8s and not sure why ‘kubectl get svc’ is not showing up 8093 . How can I make that available outside container for access ?
RC=0x2C[The remote host refused the connection. Is the service up?], HTTP Request failed. Examine ‘objextra’ for full result, Results=1, C Source=(src/http.c,144), OBJ=ViewResult<rc=0x2C[The remote host refused the connection. Is the service up?], value=None, http_status=0, tracing_context=0, tracing_output=None>, Tracing Output={":nokey:0": null}>

from couchbase.cluster import Cluster
from couchbase.cluster import PasswordAuthenticator
from couchbase.n1ql import N1QLQuery
cluster = Cluster(‘couchbase://:31956’)
authenticator = PasswordAuthenticator(‘Administrator’, ‘password’)
print ("Get Details of the document ID: " , rv.value)
query = N1QLQuery(
‘SELECT * FROM beer-sample WHERE city=$1’, “Reno”)
row_iter = cb.n1ql_query(query)
for rows in row_iter: print(“Rate Resultset: \n” , rows)