Couchbase .Net client support for older version of server

We are using Couchbase server version 2.2.0 in production. I’d like to use the latest version of .Net client Is Couchbase server version 2.2.0 supported by this .Net client? If not, what is the earliest server version supported? I’m getting an error " is this a Memcached bucket?" when I connect to 2.2.0 server.


I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that it should be compatible with that version of Couchbase Server. I can tell you that the error message you mentioned is really just a warning, and I see it in our logs all of time on Memcached buckets.

Can you provide more details about the problem that might help me diagnosis it?


When I call Cluster.OpenBucket(“mybucket”, “mypwd”), I get Couchbase.Configuration.ConfigException with text {" is this a Memcached bucket?"}.

The stack trace is:
at Couchbase.Configuration.Server.Providers.CarrierPublication.CarrierPublicationProvider.GetConfig(String bucketName, String password)
at Couchbase.Core.ClusterController.CreateBucket(String bucketName, String password)


@frosty00 -

The 2.X client supports Couchbase Server 2.5 and greater. You’ll have to use the 1.3.X client for versions of Couchbase server < 2.5:

The ConfigException and message “is this a Memcached bucket” means that an initial attempt at bootstrapping with CCCP has failed and the SDK will then try to bootstrap with HTTPStreaming. If you are targeting a Memcached bucket, this is expected behavior since Memcached buckets do not support CCCP.


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