Couchbase mobile 1.4?

I got an invite to a webinar on couchbase mobile 1.4. Do you have anything to share on what will be included in the 1.4 release? And when it will be available?

Biggest feature is the Sync Gateway Accelerator component, which makes SG a lot more horizontally scalable; that should be a big deal for larger deployments.

CBL changes are mostly bug fixes. On iOS the biggest fix is better error handling when filesystem access is lost because the device is locked. (Apparently iOS 10 got a lot more aggressive about locking the filesystem, because we started getting bug reports about this shortly after its release.)

You can of course get all the detail you want by looking at the commit logs on Github :wink:

All I can say about availability is “real soon”…

Great! That’s a significant problem for our users.

I looked for a branch, I didn’t think to look in master!

Developer preview of SG Accelerator is out now. :slight_smile:

Is this still an enterprise feature? And do you have a link to release notes?

I believe it will remain enterprise only. Release notes are under