Couchbase lite Object store


According to the link,

It says “Couchbase Server is both a key-value store and a document store, meaning that you can store binary or any other kind of data using Couchbase Server, as well as JSON documents.”

Can I store entire Document itself as binary using Couchbase Lite on iOS? I could see about “Attachments” storing as binary attached to a Document. Instead of attaching binary object to the existing doc., Can this store (NSData object) happen to the entire Document itself as object store in “putProperties” API ?
(or) We can only store JSON document using Couchbase Lite on iOS, and attach object binary?

Hi @jongladwin,

The last version you wrote is correct. You need to have a document with attachments.

The closest you could come to a straight key/value blob would be to have a document with a single key and the blog stored as a base64 encoded string. I don’t think that gets you what you’re asking about, and it takes up a lot of extra space, too.