Couchbase Lite .NET Manager relationship to Databases and Replications

What is the relationship between the Manager, a Database, and Replications?

For example, if I create an instance of a Manager (1) and open “Database A” and then create another instance of a Manager (2) which also opens “Database A”, there seems to be a separation between the two databases in terms of how replications work.

If I use the database created by Manager 1 to create a document, I don’t see replication events when I am monitoring the exact same database that was opened by Manager 2. Is this the intended behavior?

When opening a Database instance using the same Manager, then replication events seem to be shared no matter how many instances of the Database exist.

I’ve read through the documentation, but I’m hoping someone can shed some light on how the Manager works. I’m guessing the above behavior is why the “Shared Manager” singleton exists.

This question is based on API 1.x. Please refer to our latest 2.0+ API