Couchbase Lite log file location

Is there a way to specify a default output log file location, or is the expectation that we provide our own ILogger implementation that actually writes out to log files?

I am referring to the following link:

This depends on the platform. For desktop platforms you can redirect Trace output by using trace listeners that you can set up in your app.config file. This is how I set it up for the desktop unit test runners. iOS and Android will be written to NSLog and LogCat respectively.

Thanks, Jim.

The article said that support for log4net would possibly be added. Do you know when that might make it into a release?

Oops, that wiki entry is wrong and I have corrected it. I don’t plan on shipping support for external logging libraries since I think the logging interface is pretty simple to use. I wrote a gist for a log4net adapter that should give you the general idea though I don’t know if it can be used as-is anymore since I wrote it about a year ago.

Ok, thanks. I ended up doing exactly that and it works just fine.