Turn on logging in android

How do I enable logging in couchbase lite on Android? Have searched the docs but can’t find the answer anywhere

Hi @nick-couchbase,

Please refer Global logging settings secion of our Native API documentation.
http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/mobile/1.2/develop/guides/couchbase-lite/native-api/manager/index.html#Global logging settings


Manager.enableLogging(TAG, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG_SYNC_ASYNC_TASK, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG_SYNC, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG_QUERY, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG_VIEW, Log.VERBOSE);
Manager.enableLogging(Log.TAG_DATABASE, Log.VERBOSE);

Hope this helps!

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Hi @hideki,

    Can i know where to find these logs? Are these automatically uploaded to Couchbase server or local? If i want to upload to Couchbase server, is there any option?

Look in android’s logcat

CBL Android/Java does not support remote-logging yet.

Is remote logging supported in iOS?

It seems like not yet. The work is there, but there is no API to configure it yet (see CBLRemoteLogging.h)

Thankyou @hideki So enable logging means it logs the details into files ? or just the console ? if it logs to files, how can i get the log file path

CBL writes log to logcat (console).

you can access logcat by Android Studio or adb

Okay thank you @hideki :smile: