Couchbase Lite C - Go lang bindings

Hello all,

I want to share a project that I have been working on that will allow Go developers to use the embedded version of Couchbase Lite C in their Go projects. The project is located here and any kind of feedback that can make this project better would be greatly appreciated.




I’ve added a link to it on the CBL-C home page.

Thank you!

Just a quick update. I added support for replication via HTTP(S), so the lib is a bit more full featured. As always any comments and contributions are welcome.

Replication via HTTP? CBL doesn’t use HTTP anymore so I am curious about this feature. What do you mean by this?

Yes, via HTTP. With the build of Couchbase Lite C I’m working with you can replicate data via plain HTTP without specifying pinned certificates but the tests I performed did use basic authentication. Check out the repo and if you can, let me know how it compares to the other CBL libs.

Hmmm I think you are mistaking HTTP for WebSockets, which is the transport used now by LiteCore. I looked at the repo and you are in fact using ws:// and wss:// for your addresses in your tests (websocket and websocket secure). I had thought you had somehow rewritten the entire replication stack to use HTTP calls (like in 1.x) instead of WebSockets!

Yes, you are right. I guess in my mind I just wanted to say replicate insecurely and securely. I don’t have that kind of time to rewrite the whole thing lol you guys already did a good job and WebSockets are clearly the way to go. Thanks for setting me straight.

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Thank you for your work, and for sharing it.
I will try it soon.


i appreciate your project and interested to embedded version of couchbase Lite C in my golang project, but i am unable to build couchbase-lite-C, if possible please help me step by step how can i get rid of this.

check out my post here couchbase-lite-C unable to build library on windows

any help are most welcome