Couchbase Lite for C Update

There’s a major new update to Couchbase Lite for C, bringing the feature list a lot closer to completion. Specifically, a lot of missing features have been implemented in the replicator:

  • TLS (SSL) support
  • Progress listeners
  • Automatically retries connections that fail unexpectedly
  • Offline mode — tell it the server isn’t reachable (e.g. the network interface is down) and it’ll stop trying to reconnect until it becomes reachable again.
  • Suspended mode — Similar to offline but also disconnects immediately.

In addition, the new function CBLDatabase_SaveDocumentResolving implements custom conflict handling on save, from Couchbase Lite 2.6. (Custom conflict resolution during replication is still TBD.)

The big disclaimer is, as before, that this has received only minimal testing so far. CBL-C is on track to become a fully tested supported product in the future, but you can experiment with it now.


Here are the updated API docs.

Also, I just remembered that the Python bindings haven’t been updated with the new APIs yet. Soon!

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