Couchbase Lite C cannot load ICU library on Ubuntu 22.0

When trying to use Couchbase Lite C on Ubuntu 22.0 I get the following error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I know that officially, Couchbase Lite C for Linux only supports Ubuntu 20.4, but this commit seems to enable dynamically loading ICU libraries to allow for more flexibility when using binaries across distro versions.

That commit makes it possible, but it has not yet been enabled in our official builds. Sorry about that! Other priorities had pushed that one downward.

Actually it seems like that might be wrong, it looks like that was an attempt by me to enable it. That wouldn’t be in any released version though, so does that mean you are trying to build it yourself?

Ah, got it. I’m using the official builds, but didn’t realize that that commit hasn’t made it into those builds yet. Good to know that this feature is coming!