Bulk Download causes trouble

Hi ,

Xamarin.Android CB.Lite .NET & Sync_gateway version : 1.2

Am adding a 3-4 PDF’s as attachments in each document and when trying to download those in my CB.Lite only the first PDF is visible and then am getting error in the output from the Bulk Downloader. but deleting the topmost attachment from the list reveals the next attachments in the mobile end and then the same exception goes of.

Which is like Queue flow where the First item gets visible and the rest stays unknown and then after dequeuing first attachment the second one is visible … etc.

This was working fine when the Sync_Gateway was working in the windows 7 machine and this issue shows up after moving to Ubuntu machine.

This is a show stopper for us currently not able to present a demo to the client.

Thanks in advance

This may be related to this CBL/iOS bug. (I know you’re using the .NET implementation, but the logic in the attachment handling is likely the same.)

Why did you post the same message twice?