Couchbase lite Android Kotlin


i am trying to find out if there is a internal Queue in couchbase Lite and response on success
for example i am using the following

and this sometimes when i get many Docs to save or get
the database does a LOCK and does not allow any other doc to save or update or delete until the process finish

i am trying to find out if we can enable to Que the ops that hit the couchbase lite in androiid

i am using android mobile and kotlin

2- how can i return the ID of the saved doc or deleted DOC to confirm its success

also i am not using a sync gateway only couchbase lite 2.8.4 for now

thank you

Both of those operations are synchronous: either one will lock the db so that no other locking operation can be executed. The database is a file: access to it has to be single-threaded.

It is relatively straight forward, especially using Kotlin coroutines, perhaps even a Flow, to build a queue for db operations. Be aware, though, that such a system will be only eventually consistent: reads will reflect only the writes that have actually taken placeā€¦