CouchBase Editions To use?

I am starting a start-up company, we are developing a web-app where we are using couchbase as the database of the app. I am really confused as to which edition of couchbase should we use, community edition or enterprise edition.

The enterprise edition has a limitation of 2 nodes in the production, I am not entirely sure first as to whether this is just 2 physical nodes or 2 node-cluster. The subscription is not cheap and therefore unwanted by me at least at this stage(i.e later might consider it).

The community edition as I can see at this moment is version 2.1, and as is mentioned by couchbase itself is not the most recommended edition and just for trying out and may be for development only. Will it be good enough to use community edition in production? When the community version 2.2 does come out, will it be the same as enterprise edition 2.2 in features? I also wanted to know if I could store geo-data in couchbase?

Hi there,

The limitation for EE (Enterprise Edition) is, as you stated, 2 nodes in production. (Meaning 2 instances of Couchbase.)

Re: community edition; we have thousands of In-Production deployments using the Community Edition. You are perfectly at liberty to go into production on our Community Edition, if you are comfortable supporting it yourself.

When Community Edition 2.2 (or a subsequent version) comes out, it will indeed contain the same features as the EE.

Regarding Geo Data; you can indeed store Geo-Location data in Couchbase. Couchbase supports Geo-Spacial querying meaning we can do things like plot polygons on a map of points in our frontend application from Geo Data in JSON documents. Couchbase Geo Indexes follow the GeoJSON syntax for emitting points. However, we are currently working on a more robust R tree structure that doesn’t require GeoJSON structures, but is more generalized.

For more information on Spatial Indexes / to see some examples, please see here:

I hope this helps.


Absolutely, you can upgrade to any subsequent edition you wish.

Thanks for your the clarification. Just wanted to clear out a few things, is the community edition upgradable to the subsequent newer editions of community edition or if required, the enterprise edition