Couchbase install on Windows 2016 error: Couchbase Inc.. Installation success or error status: 1603

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We are trying to install couchbase on our VM and this error occurs:

And here is the log from the installation:

MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Note: 1: 1708
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: Error
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: Error 4: SELECT Message FROM Error WHERE Error = 1708
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: Error
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Note: 1: 2228 2: 3: Error 4: SELECT Message FROM Error WHERE Error = 1709
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Product: Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition – Installation failed.
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:388]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Couchbase Inc… Installation success or error status: 1603.
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:404]: Grabbed execution mutex.
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:404]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI (c) (EC:FC) [10:23:04:404]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603

Couchbase installation version: 5.1.0, and
Hardware specs:
Windows Server 2016 vs 1607 (OS Build 14393.2724)
8 GB of memory
2 Cores of Xeon E5-2690
62 GB free of 79.5 GB

And this is the first installation. We have not installed any version of Couchbase before. After the installation failed there has a Couchbase Service stopped in the services.msc. We have removed it by Admin level CLI, also kill the erl.exe before start new installation. But still no success.

Please give me advice on this.

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Please help me!!!

I’m looking into this, but in the meantime, there is version 6.0.1 of the Enterprise Edition (EE) - could you try downloading and installing that? Also, do you have another Windows Server 2016 environment you can try it on?

Ok, I was able to download and install CB EE 5.1.3 on a fresh install of Windows Server 2016, OS build 14393.970, very similar hardware specs to yours (8GB RAM, 2-core CPU), bare metal installation (no VMs, no Docker containers). Then I uninstalled it and installed CB EE 6.0.1 without any issues.
I believe our solutions engineer will be in touch with you tomorrow to help resolve the issue. I would start with a different Windows Server 2016 instance.

Thank you so much @oleg.kuzmin. Hope you have good day!