Timeout exceptions after Couchbase reconnect (Java SDK)


when our Java application gets disconnected from Couchbase (e.g. because of the network failure) then for some period of time (usually around 7 minutes) every query fails on the java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException (timeout_log.zip (747 Bytes)).

After that stretch of time or after the restart of the application everything seems to be working fine.

Couchbase Server: community-6.0.0
Couchbase Java SDK: 2.7.2
Couchbase env configuration:

final CouchbaseEnvironment environment = DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.builder()
        .socketConnectTimeout((int) TimeUnit.SECONDS.toMillis(45))

Thanks for help,

Hi @darius.kryszczuk,

It is expected that queries would not be successful if there was a network failure. Turning up the logging level to debug/trace should be helpful to see how the client retries the queries and the connection status.