Couchbase for Unity release


I would like to know what is the status of Couchbase Lite for Unity.
I know that there is a bug with the IL2CPP version and this is a Unity problem
but I was wondering if you have any knowledge on the status of the bug?

The IL2CPP problem you mention (I think? There have been several, but they’ve all been dealt with…) has been dealt with on the Unity side. We are pretty close to releasing a version based on 1.1.1. I am not sure which components will be included but I want to release as soon as possible so I can begin rebasing onto master (which will probably take quite a long time).

You can check out the release/unity-ga branch to see the library in the state it will be released in (or pretty close, barring any last minute bugs found). An official release date will not come from me, though, but @zgramana

Thank you for the details.