Couchbase-db backup command not found

Hi Team,

I’m using couchbase enterprise edition version 6.6, Now I was trying to take a backup of my couchbase DB.

Command which i used to take a backup of my db, but it was thrown an error,:

cbbackupmgr backup --cluster [http://localhost:8091](http://localhost:8091/) --username xxx --password xxx --archive /home/user/anil/db/couchbase-db --repo cluster
cbbackupmgr: command not found

cbbackmgr file present in the location /opt/couchbase/bin

Please do the needful.

Hello @anilkumle,

Welcome to the Couchbase forums.

The error message command not found is not a Couchbase Server but from the shell (Bash/Zsh,etc) itself.
This is normal cause by not having /opt/couchbase/bin in the PATH.
To add the couchbase bin directory to the PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/couchbase/bin

The program can always be executed using the full path:


Please let me know if that resolved the issue.