Couchbase Backup Strategy

Hi All,

I am planning to schedule backup strategy for my Couchbase cluster.Sunday full and daily incremental.
Is there any third party tool that we can use to do this or we are only dependent on cbbackup and cbbackupmgr.

Hi @ritu.kumari,

I can’t think of anything specific for backups, but there are some connectors that you might consider for moving data around that might fit with your backup strategy:

Talend, Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, ODBC/JDBC -

Is there anything in particular that cbbackupmgr isn’t providing for you that you’d like to see?

Hi @matthew.groves

Is there a way to backup data from 4.5 cluster and restore it to 5.1 cluster using cbbackupmgr ?
Because the couchbase documentation shows some version compatibility preferences,

Hi @shamnad1984,

This is really a separate question, so you might want to consider posting a new thread next time.

That being said, according to that documentation, you can’t use cbbackupmgr to import data into 5.1 that was backed-up from 4.5.

However, there are a number of strategies and options for upgrading like this. Check out the Upgrade Strategies documentation.

Hi @matthew.groves

Thank you for the update.Sure, next time I will create a new thread.