Couchbase crashing for unknown reason


I have a Couchbase 6.6 on a Windows server that keeps crashing for some reason and requests to it keep timing-out for not apparent reason.
I’m attaching the error.log in case someone could see something that might help diagnose the issue.

Thanks! (467.0 KB)

It looks like the indexer is crashing. Please attach the indexer log.

  • Mike (1.4 MB)

the babysitter.log ends at 2023-02-19 and the indexer log starts at 2023-03-03 so there is no overlapping time to correlate.

I suggest that you take all the logs from the time of a known failure (there are CRASH REPORT entries in babysitter.log) and look at all the logs from that time for any clues. You can also open an issue at

  • Mike

Opened an issue

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