Couchbase Console View filters not working as expected

I’m wondering if someone could help with some issues that I’m running into with Couchbase. I’m interested in using it as part of a SaaS offering that I’m working on. For now I’m using the community edition to get my feet wet and determine if its a viable solution for my need.

I installed Couchbase 3.0.1-1444-rel on OSX 10.9.5.

Using the Couchbase Console I created a dev view called “by_name” on the beer-sample bucket. The map function is:

function (doc, meta) {
  if (doc.type=="beer")
    emit(, null);

After creating this I wish to use the filter drop down to search for the document(s) that has a beer name called specifically “Blonde”. There should be one document that fits this criteria. When I enter this (double quotes included around it) in the filter next to key and click show results I get no results back.


  1. How do I get the above to work correctly?
    1a) If I try this via http (“Blonde”) I get the following result:


  2. If I were to use startkey and endkey and enter “Blonde” for both shouldn’t I get the same result? Currently I get no results.

  3. If I use startkey (but no stop key) and enter “Blonde” I get results starting at “Blonde” but it continues to display all subsequent documents. Is this expected behavior?

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