Console Buckets->filters

I am looking for the documentation for the filters button in the Couchbase console.


tim2: this is basically a way to put in a range of document keys (startkey to endkey). The inclusive_end checkbox tells the filter to include the value specified in the endkey as part of the range search. So for example, if you had document keys 1 to 100 and put startkey 2, endkey 20, with inclusive_end enabled, it will filter documents 2 to 20.

I had thought that was the case but I have document names that are like:

  • foo:uuid
  • foo:uuid2
  • bar:uuid
  • bar:uuid2
  • blee:uuid
  • blee:uuid2
    … etc

I will put in a start key of ‘foo’ and I will get back the foo’s and perhaps the blee’s. I had just expected to get the foo’s back. In the documents I get back their are fields with names that match the key I put in