Couchbase connectivity becomes intermittent after connecting with the C# SDK

I have an issue where after I run a query against my cluster, the cluster nodes start dropping off and online intermittently.

I believe this may have something to do with my network addressing.

My setup is two cluster nodes running on Amazon AWS using private ips of and I have 2 entries in the host file on each node.

I set up my cluster using hostnames when joining the second server into the cluster.

At this point all is well and everything works perfectly. If I connect to the couchbase servers by adding these host entries into my local dev machine (changing the private IPs to the public Elastic IPs) and use the host names to connect, the servers continue to operate perfectly and everything is great. However, if I instead connect to the servers from my dev machine using Amazon Elastic IPs given to the servers instead of hostnames, the servers begin to drop on and offline. Even the web console drops on and offline.

Has anyone experienced this behavior before? I am using the c# sdk if that is relevant…